Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Filed May 23 2011...Please Pray for us!!

Dear Sirs,

I am requesting a temporary or permanent restraining order against June A Hunter mother of my only son for many reasons.

The woman stalked me for 5 months at the workplace where I met her and during a Christmas Company party she drugged me
and followed me home -uninvited- and basically raped me and that is the day she conceived my son...I never had a romantic
relationship with this woman before or after the day she drugged and raped me...and I did file a crime report with the San Diego Police
over this as well as told DCSS and CPS many times.

I was under the influence of whatever drugs she gave me for 3 days and it turns out that there are date rape drugs for a woman to give
a man...I can provide further evidence of this during a court hearing.

This June A Hunter is a High Satanic Priestess heavily involved in the occult and she is what is referred to as a 'programmed multiple' meaning
that she herself was programmed with hard core drugs like she is doing to my son since age 2...Lithium, Ritalin, Depakote, Finesteride, Wellbutrin,
Valium, Paxel, etc.

There is a huge amount of evidence that she is committing Satanic Ritual Abuse on my son as she is a practicing Satanist and she has admitted it
many times claiming she has 'freedom of religion' but I have been informed that many illegal rituals take place during these Satanic ceremonies that
she is subjecting my son to such as torture and human sacrifice (See Fritz Springmeyers book on the illuminati formula for creating an undetectable
mind control slave)...others have written and lectured extensively on this subject such as former Southern California FBI Chief Ted Gunderson who had
over 700 FBI agents under him and was appointed by a US president...Unfortunately Mr. Gunderson has had 6 serious attempts on his life and he claims
that there are high levels of corruption in the government that protect and endorse this Satanic Ritual Abuse...Fritz Springmeyer was also framed for a 'bank
robbery' that he was never seen at and given 8 years of prison time and prohibited from talking about Satanic Ritual Abuse as part of his probation 'agreement'.

I have medical bills since my son was age 2 for all these hard core drugs that this woman has been giving my son that I already mentioned...Lithium, Ritalin, Depakote, Finesteride, Wellbutrin, Paxel, Valium...this satanic witch has kept my son on a cocktail of at least 5 hard core psychiatric drugs since age 2 and they
even have to do blood work on my son every 3 months because the drugs they are giving him are so toxic to the human body...he already has liver and kidney
problems as a result of these drugs.

This woman June Hunter had me fired from my job where I met here the following monday after the day she raped me (on a Saturday) and no explanation
was ever given to me of why I was let go other than that she filed some kind of complaint about me...but I was an independent contractor so they could fire me any
time for any reason or no reason at all.

I was hired by Pfizer 3 weeks later with the same position and double the pay working as a Scientific Consultant in the Patents department of Pfizer. The woman immediately started calling me at all hours of the day and night both at work and at my home. She befriended my 2 female roommates and turned them against me...I had arguments with my 2 female ex roommates because I told them I did not want that sick psychopathic woman in my house but they argued that she was very nice to them and would bring pizzas and other food and have 'ally mcbeal' night at my house with them...that is how she found out where I was working and started calling me day and night at work harassing me and calling my boss...then she tells me she is pregnant with my son (even though she was dating 5 different men at the time and even went on the radio begging for a date on a morning talk show that I listen to)...I did not believe she was pregnant and much less believed she was carrying my child but nevertheless she continued stalking me for months.

When she had this child and I suspected that it was mine I tried being in the childs life and being financially supportive but the woman demanded that I had to 'be her man' or else she said she would destroy my life...it was very clear from the start that the woman is deeply troubled and disturbed in her mind...she tells everyone that she is a victim of incest from her father and older brother and that her father would come home every night very drunk in the middle of the night and wake the whole family up and beat the kids and mom and rape her even in front of her mother. I know very little about her family outside of what she openly shares with everyone saying that her parents and her sister were arrested, charged and convicted of felony frauds for faking 'slip and falls' at stores such as K Mart and were imprisoned for years at a time. June Hunter also shared that she was married before to a man in the coast guard that was severely addicted to pornography and 1 900 numbers and that her husband racked up a 30,000 bill from calling 1 900 porn numbers comvulsively.

I did a background search for June Hunter at one point just trying to find out her address and it showed that a year before she met me she filed over 30 lawsuits in small claims court for various amounts many of which she won...lawsuits in the $1,000 to 10,000 range against many individuals and it is her but I don't know what those lawsuits were about...many were against retail stores so maybe she was faking slip and fall accidents just like her parents.

I received 2 very strange phone calls when my son was about 2 years old from 2 women that told me that they had been involved in the same satanic coven that June Hunter was involved and that I should look into the writings of a Fritz Springmeyer to find out what was being done to my son. They told me that my son had been 'demonized' through human blood rituals when he was 6 months old...and that he was being put on hard core psychiatric drugs to 'program him'...they claim that she is a 'bride of satan' and that she had dedicated my son to Satan from the womb...This was all extremely hard to process in my mind...I remember having problems concentrating at work due to her continuous and unending harassment...I have filed numerous complaints and documents with DCSS and CPS since my son was age 2 to no avail!!

The woman has dragons in her house and skulls in her front and backyard and ghosts and all manner of what I call 'satanic lore or instruments'...she has my son heavily indoctrinated with harry potter, dungeons and dragons, pokemon and all kinds of 'Disney' movies and things of that nature...she kept me from my son for many years by hiding from me and constantly changing her address, phone number, etc so I could not file for support because she has to be served...when I finally started filing motions in court my mother served her with family court documents which she filled out a bunch of 'affidavids' to claim she had never been 'served' and wrote me about 70 text messages claiming that she was going to have my mother brought up on charges of perjury for claiming to having served her (she was served) and then spent months writing all kinds of document to the court to change the venue and for me to have to 'serve her again' after she changed her address yet again...in the end the court saw through all her lies and deemed that the service was proper because she was aware that there was a hearing over child custody that she spent over 100 different communications and months trying to negate...yet she tells my son that I never wanted to be in my son's life and she tells my son and her friends that she has always been 'amenable' to me being in my son's life.

The woman continually lies...she has gone back and forth at least 7 times on whether her father raped her or not...even though she has told many others in front of me...both me and my mother are scared of this woman and we never know how she is going to react...she has a 'jackel and hide' personality...really more like multiple personalities...everytime I go to court she attacks me in the hallways of the DCSS and Family Law courts...she yells at me cusses me out and uses the most vile and filthy profanity and I have seen people literally get paralized when they see just how nasty and vicious this woman is on the hallways of the courtrooms....and then she walks into the court and acts like she is some poor frail destitute victim of abuse...INSANE!!...i have over 12,000 emails from this sick psychopathic woman threatening me.

This woman has interfered with my ability to earn a living in many ways...almost 20 years ago I got a restraining order from 2 students that spent a year harassing me while I was a 4.0 GPA honor student at UCSD on a scholarship!!...one day I was having a really bad day and these students were harassing me and I basically threatened them -after a year of them harassing me- and they filed a restraining order against me that was immediately removed and I remained a student at that institution for another 3 years never having any issues with these 2 students even though I saw them nearly every day for the next 3 years and even sat next to them in the same classroom...but this sick psychopathic woman used that claiming it a legitimate reason for me not to be employable and sent it to every major lawfirm in town and placement agencies that deal in the type of work that I did...intellectual property law to black ball me and I could not get a job and I have 2 specific instances where I was hired and she had me thrown out of my job under accusations that i was some crazy nut twice...even though I worked for the university and for other places like Pfizer for years with a six figure salary and even supervised other employess and never had any problems with anyone, but this psychopath has a way of accusing me that I guess is very convincing to someone that has no clue what is really going on.

Then I got into the wedding business after I could not find employment in my field of work and the woman went in online pretending to be a bride and claiming that we ruined her wedding....etc and did that for years as multiple brides...i could not get the owners of the wedding chat boards to take down her posts because they thought she was a legitimate bride (or brides) and then she would call people in my industry and claim that I was some abusive dead beat 'dad' that did not pay child support...even though I was paying out the nose for child support and my base support was set at almost $1000 a month not including all the medical bills for all the hard core drugs she gave him, bills for $12 hour baby sitters, bills for private schools, etc and she refused to let me see or even talk to my son on the phone.

I did not meet my son till last year right before he turned 10 years old and she had told him that I never wanted to be in his life...even though the exact opposite is true.

I begged the woman to go to therapy with me and offered to pay her $5 deductible and when she finally agreed to go to therapy -for the sole purpose of learning how to interact with her and my son- she went and told the psychologist all kinds of lies...that i never wanted to see my son, that i was difficult, blah blah blah...all lies...the exact opposite is true.

So there has been a pattern of harassment for 10 years and she keeps getting involved in my personal business and made it almost impossible for me to have gainful employment in the intellectual property business or in the wedding business...

so back to the wedding business... the woman who worked in Information Technology for a while used a very sophisticated method of masking ip addresses and sending them to other parts of the world...the ip addresses she used were in Africa, Europe, Asia, etc...I had to hire a specialized company to track her down and it was very expensive and it took them months to track all her IP addresses down to a law firm in Down Town San Diego called Allen Matkins and later another white shoe law firm called Luce Forward Hamilton and Scripps where she worked...I called into those law firms to find out if she worked there -already knowing that it could only be her doing this- and sure enough she worked there and they tracked her activity down to her very computer on her job...and she denied it of course despite conclusive proof and then she claims that I was the one harassing her at her workplace when all I wanted was for the harassment to stop and even after I contacted the Human Resources departments at those places she still kept on her cyberharassment campaing and one of those two places the Human Resources lady was her friend and when I called back to tell them that she was using company time to harass, slander and libel me and my company with lies they called the cops and filed a police report and threatened me with a 'restraining order'...for complaining about her cyberharassment with conclusive proof in my hands!!...Typical lawyer crap!!

Then when i finally go to see my son I saw that he was a very troubled boy that lived in a fantasy world of witchcraft and all he talks about is pokemon and abbra kadabbrah and special powers and things of witchcraft...because that is what the woman taught him...at first she laughed and said that she had freedom to practice satanism all she wanted and teach my child that and now that I found a connection between satanism and satanic ritual abuse and the drugging of my son...now all of a sudden she claims to be a 'christian' mother...not buying it with a mouth and a vocabulary that would make the most crass sailor blush...every other word out of her mouth is profanity!! and with all that occultic stuff she teaches my son she claims to be a 'christian' because she claims to belong to some coptic celtic type of catholic denomination for witches...oh yeah, that makes her a good christian mom....she did enroll my son in a very liberal christian private school for a very short period of time...maybe that makes her 'christian' in her own eyes.

When I got to finally see my son and got to earn his trust I told him that I would put my hands in the fire for him and even risk my life to protect him and asked him whether anything inappropriate was going on...the woman always has different men in her house that she fornicates with and I am concerned because all these men she has look like sex perverts and I wonder whether they have abused my son because she has different men living with her all the time...it's like a revolving door!!

anyway, my son reacted very adversely to me asking him whether there was abuse going on...on one occasion he started crying, on another one he got catatonic and said nothing, on another one he started hallucinating saying 'i know my real parents are somewhere out there' and on another one he said yes but would not elaborate...the whole thing culminated on December 28th when my son was at Disneyland and told me he was being turtured...we had spent December 24th at June Hunter's house having christmas eve dinner and opening presents...I confronted the mother on this and made a report to Child Protective Services immediately and she went and filed a 'restraining order' for claimed harassment and made a huge stink about it on the internet and the restraining order was denied as meritless and baseless.

The woman then proceeded to call me over 40 phone calls the day after the restraining order followed by another 38 the day after and she started posting all kinds of slander about me all of it untrue...for example she claims that I"m a felon...a complete lie, never have been then she claims I have multiple restraining orders against me -i have none- and things of that nature and she claims now that she is going to get a billboard with my photo on it running on a bus in my neighborhood to harass me....i have recorded her never ending harassing phone calls and told her i would be recording them and in the recordings she has said that she wants to destroy me, that her only purpose in life now is to make my life miserable that she makes over $80,000 a year and can support her son but that at this time all she wants to do is make my life a living hell...i paid her child support through over 1 year of unemployment without receiving any benefits in the last year and she wants to call me a dead beat dad?? I've paid more for this kid already than 90% of the world ever spend on a child and she insists on slandering me and preventing me from having peace or gainful employment.

My mother was defrauded out of her home and life savings and she has stuck her nose with the people that defrauded us feeding them lies and ammunition to destroy us. At some point I had a business dispute with a business partner over $10,000 dollars and she of course found out and got involved and fed this person all kinds of slander so he could hurt me, the woman is looking for any excuse to destroy me.

My mother had a hit and run that landed her in the hospital for weeks and took two years of physical therapy to walk and my mother is convinced that June Hunter was behind this because it happened right after she made a complaint against June Hunter to CPS and her employer and they did this hit and run on Halloween on a street where they knew my mother always crossed...the whole thing was staged and we are convinced this woman is behind it.

I cannot concentrate on work or on rebuilding my wedding business when my credibility depends on public perception if this woman is allowed to post any kind of garbage and lies about me on the internet. I have begged her to take her trash down and she refuses.

i made a couple of posts on the internet asking for information on Satanic Ritual abuse without and for prayer without mentioning the woman's name but she is going and calling me out by name to try to destroy me and my credibility and she has done this for over a decade now and it needs to stop because it makes in impossible for me to be a credible member of the community and work with all these personal direct accusations she is making against me.

So I am asking for a restraining order prohibiting her from harassing me on the internet, from her contacting my business associates, posting on wedding chat boards, contacting my past or future prospective employers for the purpose of harassment and from contacting me.

We are going to file to have this child taken from her permanently and we fear for our lives...she has threatened me with homicide if I ever take her child away from her through legal means and we intend to do this to protect this child from the satanic abuse she is inflicting upon him and we believe her death threats to be credible.

We recently moved and changed address because my mother is afraid for her life and wellbeing and fears another hit and run attempt on her life.

I have an open case with the police regarding satanic ritual abuse that is under investigation as well as with child protective services.

Respectfully submitted,

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